Our products are handcrafted, not manufactured. They’re not uniform, but rather all wonderfully unique. We carefully prepare each piece by hand, cutting, shaping, dipping and packing our chocolates with the highest attention to detail.  A single bonbon can take up to three days to produce. 

Each Sweet Lollapalooza fine chocolate starts from the finest quality chocolate and ingredients, doing as little as possible to them to maintain their natural essence. Using only a fraction of the sugar found in mass-produced chocolate, our fine chocolates are more intense in flavour, higher quality and better for you. 

The chocolate we use is among the world’s rarest, in fact, our Pure Nacional from Peru is considered the rarest chocolate in the world and it’s only available in Alberta at Sweet Lollapalooza.  Our chocolate comes from Valrhona, which establishes direct trade relationships with its growers. These long-term partnerships ensure that the producers benefit from stable revenue and support. Valrhona provides the producers with tools to enhance the value of their land and enable them to produce higher quality cocoa. In return, Valrhona benefits from a high level of commitment to proven methods of harvesting, ensuring the finest cocoas of the most exceptional quality. So, not only does our chocolate taste great, it feels great to know it’s steeped in integrity.

Just as we won't rush production and carefully source our ingredients, we won't extend our products' life with added preservatives. Our products are fresh and made daily, which means they need to be savoured in the moment rather than saved for months on a shelf.