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Sniffing out a truffle

Posted by Brett Roy on

It’s hard to imagine a world without chocolate.  It was in the early 1500s that explorers Christopher Columbus and Hernan Cortes introduced Spain to the wonders of Aztec cocoa. About a hundred years later, the secret treat made appearances in France and Great Britain as a hot chocolate drink. Today, chocolate is something we enjoy around the globe as a drink, a bar or a delectable truffle.

The truffle was said to have been invented by a pastry chef in Chambéry, in France in the late 1800s.  The story goes that Louis Dufour ran out of ingredients making his end-of-year pastry lineup and was inspired to invent something new with what he had on hand. He blended some  crème fraîche, vanilla and cocoa power (now called a classic ganache), formed a small ball shape and dipped it in chocolate then dusted it with cocoa powder.  It tasted wonderful.  But it looked a lot to him like the sought-after mushroom, the truffle. So, that’s the he name he gave his earthy-brown concoction and it’s still around today.

Cocoa was originally hard to source and so truffles were reserved for the very upper class in society.  Today, there are so many options available.

Our truffles are made with the best cocoa we can source and champagne cognac.  It’s a decadent treat that makes just about any occasion a little more special.

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