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Superior Blend

Superior Blend

This award-winning blend is a much-loved blend for its quality and consistency of flavour.

It's all about consistency. And consistency is a tricky thing when you're dealing with an organic product. Coffee production is seasonal so Campos scours the globe all year round following harvest time. But as we all know, coffee can taste different from one hill to the next, let alone region to region and country to country.

Superior Blend tastes consistent all year round, and they spend a lot of time perfecting it. They quality control, taste and assess Superior blend every day, 365 days a year. And often more than once a day.

The farms selected for the Superior Blend are leaders in the Specialty Coffee world for their regions. These incredible partnerships are exclusive.

We have zero tolerance for child labour, inhumane working conditions or unsustainable farming practices. In return for those Campos partners with, and who share their beliefs on good practices, they create greater rewards. Not just in premium payments for coffee, but also by supporting social projects and providing benefits to the communities behind the farms. That's something we're proud to stand behind.